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All In One Reusable Nappies All In One Reusable Nappies

AIO nappies

When creating the Bambinex AIO nappies, we had several criteria in mind. They had to be practical, easy to wash, quick to dry, soft, comfortable and absorbent. We must however admit that this type of nappy is not as absorbent as a nappy in three parts. 

The AIO nappies are available in 4 sizes to fit babies of all ages and weights.

The Bambinex AIO ONE-SIZE nappy is the fruit of extensive research. We wanted a one-size nappy fitting every baby from birth to potty training.  Not too big at birth and not too small when the baby is ready for potty training, offering sufficient absorbency at every age, both by day and by night. 

Our AIO ONE-SIZE nappy has succeeded in fulfilling these criteria. It has front and back anti-leak barriers, two rows of poppers to ensure a neat fit around the waist, even for newborns, an interior layer made of fine and extremely soft polar for a dry feeling, an absorbent section made of 100% microfibre teddy fabric, and an ultra-absorbent middle section, as well as gussets around the legs to prevent leaks.

The result is a fine, absorbent, efficient and economical one-size AIO nappy.  Every nappy comes standard with a separate booster pad, made of micropolar on one side and bamboo fabric (2 folds) on the other side, to use during afternoon naps or at night.

Caution! If you do not observe the care instructions, the nappy’s absorbency can drastically diminish, resulting in leaks. Please read the chapter entitled BAMBINEX ULTRA CARE very carefully.


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All In One nappy one size

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All In One nappy one size

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